The new Kintsuglue is a flexible putty, created to repair, reconstruct, protect and enhance almost all objects – even flexible ones.

From the ancient Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi to present times.

New from Loctite, Kintsuglue is an amazing flexible paste created to repair, reconstruct, protect or enhance almost everything!

How to use it

Take it

Clean your hands and make sure all surfaces are dry and free of dust and grease.

Shape it

Knead Kintsuglue for about 10 seconds and then give the paste the desired shape before applying.

Apply it

Apply the paste to the surface you want to bond or protect. You have up to 30 minutes to adjust it before it starts curing! To get the best result, let it harden overnight.


Repair a headphone cable

The flexibility of the paste will give your cable an extended life. Simply shape the putty around the cable heads.

Reconstruct a zipper

If your zipper breaks off, it can feel like the end of the object´s life, but with Kintsuglue you can make a new one to last.

Protect your phone

Protect your phone from shocks. Kintsuglue is shock resistant and withstands any accidental dropping.

Build a key holder

Be creative with Kintsuglue to shape it into any object you can imagine, like a keyholder!

Repair a joystick

Thanks to Kintsuglue´s soft touch, you will be able to repair your joystick so that it´s comfortable enough to keep on winning every match.

Reconstruct a laptop feet

Rubber properties of Kintsuglue will work perfectly to save your laptop of scratches and sliding.

Protect the table corners

Avoid painful knocks against the sharp corners of your furniture by protecting them with the soft Kintsuglue.

Enhance a bucket handle

The putty´s soft touch will add extra comfort to any handle. Thus carrying a bucket will become more comfortable.

Repair a suitcase handle

Once Kintsuglue cures, it will be strong enough to travel around the world, no matter how many knocks it gets.

Reconstruct the toilet bumper

Sick of your wobbly toilet seat? There is no need to buy a new one! With Kintsuglue you can easily repair it. The flexible putty is both waterproof and shock resistant, insuring your quick-fix to last.

Protect a cable

The flexibility of the paste will give your cable an extended life. Simply shape the putty around the cable heads.

Create a cable route

Clean up the cable mess in your flat by creating a route with Kintsuglue. Just shape the paste into a hook and lead the cable through it.











From the ancient Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi…

"Kintsugi" is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. It treats the repairs as part of the history of an object , rather than disguising them, to appreciate the beauty and the value of the imperfection in objects.

…to present times

Kintsuglue is an amazing paste created to fix almost any broken objekt. Shapeable, strong and flexible after curing, it can be applied to all the things you want to repair, reconstruct, protect or enhance. It restores the functionality of objects and treats repair as part of an object´s life, rather than replacing them.