Get cracking on pottery repairs

How to fix broken clay pottery, knick knacks and more

Do you need to know how to fix broken clay pottery? It’s easier than you think. Read our simple guide and find out how to fix common household items such as mugs, plates, pots and more.

Choose the right glue for fixing broken pottery

The first step in learning how to fix broken pottery is choosing the right adhesive for the repair.

You’ll need to make sure the glue will bond with pottery material. Then consider whether the object you’re repairing will come into contact with food or go in the microwave or dishwasher. In that case, the adhesive you use will need to be food safe, and preferably microwave as well as dishwasher safe.

For example, Loctite Extreme Glue No Drip Gel has a revolutionary Flextec formula which can fuse multiple materials together while also filling gaps – making it ideal for repairing ceramic figurines and clay pots. For repairing your favourite mug, Loctite Super Glue Control is a great choice with its water, dishwasher and temperature resistant properties (just make sure that you allow at least one hour before use).

The kind of repair will also impact your choice of adhesive. Are you filling a chip or crack? If so, make sure you choose a gap-filling adhesive. Need to rejoin two broken pieces? A liquid glue is perfectly suited. Want to repaint over the repair? Check if the adhesive is paintable!

How to repair broken pottery

Procedures will vary depending on whether you’re repairing a crack or break, but here’s a basic step-by-step guide to fixing broken pottery:

  • Gather your materials: adhesive, a paper towel or rag, soap and water.
  • Consider your safety – are the broken edges sharp? If so, wear gloves to protect your hands.
  • Wash and dry the object and any broken parts to ensure the pieces are free of dirt. Handle them with care to prevent any further damage.
  • Dry-fit all the pieces. Dry-fitting is the process of recreating a broken object without gluing the pieces into place.
  • Time to repair your broken pottery! If the pottery is broken in several pieces, apply liquid glue to the adjoining surfaces and hold them in place according to the product information. You might need to hold pieces in place with masking tape until the bond sets. Once cured, you can remove any excess glue using a sharp knife.
  • For fixing a crack, apply gap-filling adhesive to the sides of the crack and press the pieces together. Once the adhesive has dried, file it down with a fine emery board so that it follows the contours of the object.
  • Clean up by washing your hands with soap and water.