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    Ugly mouldy joints?

    Tired of looking at that yellow, ugly, old sealant… but put off by the thought of scraping it away? RE-NEW it in the easiest way possible! Apply new fresh smooth sealant straight over old joints.

    Zero skills needed, done in minutes.

    It's so simple to use

    RE-NEW is designed for the simplest and most perfect applications. The new improved device makes it easy to control the product flow for a smooth and clean result.

    • Apply directly over old joints

    • Auto-smooth nozzle

    • Mould resistant

    • No extra tools

    UGH to AHHH in 3 easy steps




    Beginner's tips

    1. Prepare

    Ensure the surfaces are clean and dry. If the old silicone is too mouldy use an anti-mould spray.

    2. Position

    Remove the cap and position the applicator at an angle to the joint, so that the edges of the applicator have full contact with both sides of the joint.

    3. Apply

    Lightly squeeze and slowly push the bottle forward maintaining the nozzle at the same angle.

    4. Keep it clean

    Periodically clean the excess product on the nozzle during application to ensure a clean finish.

    5. Ensure a perfect smooth result

    Repeat the process without squeezing for a perfect finish.

    6. Make it perfect

    You can do small corrections with a wet paper tissue.

    7. Want to try again?

    Remove immediately with a damp cloth and start over!

    8. Ready for your shower?

    Allow at least 6 hours to dry before using the shower.

    RE-NEW it today

    RE-NEW stories

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    Tell us about your success story or your personal tips for using RE-NEW. Add a picture of yourself and show us your RE-NEW project.

    It‘s SO simple, why
    not give it a go?