Don’t chuck it – fix it!

Learn how to glue for fast and easy repairs

You’ll be amazed at what you can fix using glue. Read on to learn all about how to glue – from selecting the right adhesive to how to use glue to repair just about anything.

The many glue uses

Glue is a versatile product that has many uses – but not all glues are created equal. Some adhesives provide a rigid bond, while others have flexible properties. Some come in liquid form, while others have a higher viscosity: great for filling in gaps and cracks. And some can help you fix almost anything in and around the home, while others can actually help you build the place!

The right glue for your job depends on a few factors. For example, super glue and contact adhesives are usually better suited for small repairs on materials such as wood, plastic and ceramics, whereas epoxies are great for filling gaps and bonding rough or broken materials.

How to use glue: Step by step 

With the variety of glue uses and types available, it’s important to check the product label for instructions and cure times. However, regardless of what you’re gluing, there are a few universal instructions to follow. Here’s how to use glue to fix almost anything in and around the home:

  1. Clean the surface/s you’re gluing, making sure that any residue has been removed (glue won’t adhere to dirty or greasy surfaces).
  2. Remove the applicator cap and seal.
  3. Test the glue on a small area to check whether it’s dispensing properly.
  4. Apply the glue to one surface of the area you’re gluing (you don’t need to apply glue to both sides unless using a contact adhesive).
  5. Hold the two surfaces in place until the initial grab time has been reached and allow to cure (never use the object until the glue has fully cured).
  6. After using the glue, put the cap back on the blue bottle securely and store upright in a cool place.

Glue repair: Choosing the right glue for the job

For quick, small glue repairs that need a strong grip, Loctite’s great range of versatile and reliable super glues won’t let you down. Loctite Super Glue XXL Liquid allows strong and fast bonding, while Loctite Super Glue Control’s easy grip squeeze bottle allows for pinpoint applications. Loctite Super Glue Precision’s extra-long nozzle is perfect for repairing hard-to-reach places.

For outdoor repairs, Loctite Stik’n Seal Outdoor Adhesive is your go-to. This great all-purpose glue is perfect for everyday projects and repairs. Its thick consistency prevents drips and runs and bonds to a variety of materials, including aluminium, brick, fabric, fibreglass and many others.

For an adhesive that doubles as a gap filler, look no further than Loctite Epoxy Quick Set. This versatile glue bonds with a wide range of materials, fills gaps and can be sanded or drilled once dry.