Epoxy adhesives mean super strength

Industrial epoxy adhesive: Super strength for tough jobs

Get the facts on how to use industrial epoxy adhesive, including choosing the right variety and correct application. This amazing adhesive turns difficult repairs into minor projects.

What is industrial epoxy glue?

Industrial 2-part epoxy is an extremely strong and durable adhesive. It is a polymer or chemical compound made up of a resin and a hardener. Once these are mixed, a reaction sets in and—within a specified time—the epoxy glue will harden.

Industrial epoxies are unique as they bond to metals and can be drilled to allow for screws or bolts once cured, thus allowing repairs that would otherwise be very difficult or costly.

Correct application of industrial-strength epoxy

Industrial epoxy is applied much like other adhesives. First, collect the tools you will need for your project:

  • correct epoxy glue for your application
  • mixing cup or disposable surface to mix a small amount
  • disposable mixing stick such as a paint mixer
  • work gloves and eye protection
  • plastic spreader or small disposable paint brush

Applying the epoxy glue:

  1. Begin by examining the surfaces to be bonded. Make sure the parts fit together closely.
  2. Remove paint from the areas and use sandpaper to dull any smooth or shiny finish.
  3. Clean areas to be bonded of dust, dirt, or oily residue.
  4. Squeeze equal amounts of resin and hardener onto a clean surface or a disposable cup.
  5. Mix thoroughly until the colours of the 2 components have blended to a uniform colour.
  6. Apply a small amount of epoxy to both surfaces using the mixing stick or a plastic spreader.
  7. Press the parts together and hold or support in place until the epoxy sets.
  8. Excess uncured epoxy can be wiped away with a cloth and some acetone.
  9. Once the epoxy glue is completely dry, sand smooth and paint or finish as needed.

Stay safe: industrial epoxy adhesives are chemical compounds and emit fumes as they cure. Make sure to work in a well-ventilated area.

Choosing the best industrial-strength epoxy adhesive

There are many varieties of industrial-strength epoxy glues, so make sure to use the formula best suited to your project. Here are a few suggestions:

Loctite Epoxy Weld Bonding Compound is the right choice for bonding common metals such as iron, steel, aluminium, and more. It is resistant to most shop fluids, like gasoline, diesel fuel, and hydraulic fluid, and perfect for repairing lawn mowers, appliances, and engine parts. The product sets in 4 to 6 minutes and is water and high temperature resistant.

Need to repair a loose metal fence or cracked foundation? Try Loctite Epoxy Metal/Concrete for a quick solution. It not only bonds to metals but also to concrete, stone, glass, ceramics, and wood. This epoxy won’t conduct electricity, so it can be used to seal around electrical wires and components.