Don’t ditch it – repair it!

How to repair leather sofas and more: Step-by-step

Did you know fixing rips and tears in leather is actually pretty easy? Save time and money learning how to restore leather furniture and how to repair faux leather with our simple how-to guide.

How to repair a leather sofa: What you need

First thing’s first – leather is a flexible material, which means you need a non-rigid, yet strong adhesive to repair torn leather furniture. That rules out traditional superglues, so opt for a special leather-rated adhesive instead (check out our recommendations below).

Here are the necessary items to repair a tear in your favourite leather couch, sofa or car seat:

  • rubbing alcohol (for cleaning the surface)
  • applicator (a toothpick or sharp disposable object should do)
  • old rag
  • masking tape
  • sub-patch (this might not be necessary for small repairs, but sub-patches help strengthen the bond of larger rips)

How to fix a tear in leather: Step by Step

Got the tools ready to repair leather? Simply follow these steps to restore leather furniture.

  1. Using rubbing alcohol, clean the area you’re repairing.
  2. If you need a sub-patch, cut a piece of leather to fit the hole/tear and position it flush under the surface of the leather.
  3. Apply the leather glue to the applicator and rub the adhesive on both sides of the tear (and sub-patch, if you’re using one).
  4. Wipe off any excess glue as quickly as possible.
  5. Position both sides of the ripped seam together and hold in place.
  6. Secure with masking tape and leave to set for around 2 hours.

Working with faux leather? You’re in luck! The faux leather restoration process is the same as repairing real leather. Simply follow the steps above.

Choosing the right leather adhesive

Leather is a flexible material, which requires a flexible adhesive suited for repairing leather goods. Our star product? Loctite Super Glue Power Flex Control Gel!

The high-strength, rubber-infused formula is shock resistant and can withstand heavy loads, making it the perfect choice to repair ripped leather. You’ll love the precision applicator and Loctite Super Glue Power Flex Control Gel’s gel-like consistency, too - which means no drips or runs!