No more glue on glass

How to remove super glue from glass: the expert guide

If you don’t know how to remove super glue from glass, you need to read on. Almost every DIYer will need this information at some point, so get the facts here.

How to remove super glue from glass without smearing

Since glue is harder to remove from glass once it has dried, it’s best to remove it before it has set. However, you want to avoid smearing it because the thin film will dry quickly and be hard to remove later.

Avoid wiping with a dry towel. Try using a disposable towel and hot water to first wipe away the majority of the glue, and then scrub until the residue is gone. This should work with many types of super glue.

Another method that works with some types of glue is freezing. Press an ice cube against the glue to freeze it, and then scrape it off carefully with a razor or sharp scraper.

If you’re still having trouble working out how to get super glue off glass, it’s time to get out a solvent. Alcohol, acetone, nail polish remover, vinegar, and some spray lubricants can all be used with a scraper. Try one at a time and see which solvent works best with the particular super glue that’s on the glass.

How to get super glue off glass once it’s dried

Once the glue has dried, removal takes a bit more work but is accomplished by similar means. The key is softening up the glue as much as possible before you start scraping at it. Try the solvents listed above first (alcohol, acetone, vinegar) and see if they will do the trick. Simply apply some solvent to a rag and press it against the glue for a minute or two until it begins to soften.

If none of these work, try some paint thinner or an oil-based lubricant. Use them in the same way to try to soften up the glue. Next try to scrape the glue away. A new razor blade works best but be careful not to scratch the glass. Lay the blade down at a low angle to the glass and try to get under one edge. You might try “sawing” back and forth slowly with the blade to help cut away the glue.

Once the bulk of it is gone, try wiping away the residue with some vinegar.

Here’s a tip to help you avoid scratching the glass. Before scraping with a razor blade, always clean the area first with some window cleaner to remove dust and other tiny debris. Most often it is this dust that causes scratches as it is dragged along, rather than the blade itself.

How to remove super glue from plexiglass

Getting super glue off plexiglass is done the same way, with a solvent and a blade. Since plexiglass is not as hard as glass, extra care must be taken not to scratch it. Wipe away any residue with vinegar or lemon juice, then wash with soap and water.

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