Dried glue? Easy fix!

How to remove glue on carpet quickly!

Super glue on your carpet may seem like a nightmare. No worries, you can learn how to remove glue on carpet in our DIY article. It’s doable!

How to remove glue on carpet—the basics

The best time to remove glue on carpet, of course, is before it dries. Follow these steps:

  1. Scrape as much as possible off of the fibres with a knife. Wear gloves to avoid getting your fingers stuck!
  2. When you have removed as much as possible, clean the area with a cloth dampened with acetone (nail polish remover). See the information box below.
  3. Wash the area with soap and water.

How to get super glue out of carpet after it has dried

If the glue has dried, it can usually still be removed.

  1. If the fibres are long enough and will allow it, take a semi-sharp object like a butter knife and try to scrape away as much of the residue as possible.
  2. If acetone is compatible with your carpet, use a cloth or cotton ball to apply acetone to the dried glue.
  3. Allow it to soften the glue for a few minutes then begin to dab or scrub with the cloth. Alternatively, you can scrape away the softened glue with a dull knife, putty knife, or other object.
  4. Once you have removed as much of the glue as possible, scrub the area with dish soap and water.

Avoid damaging your carpet: If you are going to use acetone or another chemical to remove glue from carpet, test the solvent first in an inconspicuous place to make sure it doesn’t bleach the colour or damage the fibres. Underneath a piece of furniture or inside a closet might be a good place. If the solvent does any damage, it is not suitable for removing the glue.

How to get dried glue out of carpet—other methods

If acetone is not compatible with your carpet or it’s not working, here are some other methods to loosen dried glue.

  1. Try covering the dried glue with a cloth and heat it up with an iron. This may soften the glue enough to scrape it away. Go very slowly and gently with the iron to avoid burns.
  2. Wet a towel with vinegar and apply it to the glue for several minutes to soften it, then scrub the area with dish soap and water.
  3. A teaspoon of ammonia in a cup of water can be used in place of the vinegar for the above method.
  4. If all else fails, cut away the glued fibres with scissors. Try to separate the glued fibres first and only cut those that are absolutely necessary. Cut down near the base of the carpet and then brush the fibres together.

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