Get the grout out

How to remove epoxy grout from tile without damaging the tile

Accidents happen! Learn how to remove epoxy grout from tile so that your new tile job will look perfect. We have gathered the best methods for you right here!

How to remove dried epoxy grout from tile: Quick overview

Many people choose epoxy grout for its durability – it holds up very well and stays in place. This, unfortunately, is also what can make cleaning epoxy grout off tile difficult. Below are the best methods to get the job done without damaging the tile.

Cleaning epoxy grout off tile: Tools and supplies needed

Epoxy grout can be removed from tile with a combination of scrubbing and the right type of solvent, if necessary. Here are some things to have on hand before you begin:

  • painter’s stirring sticks
  • nylon scrubbing pad
  • bucket of hot soapy water and a sponge
  • paintbrush and a dust brush
  • painter’s tape and plastic sheeting
  • epoxy stripper
  • trisodium phosphate
  • paper towels

Safety first! Wear rubber gloves, safety glasses, and a dust mask while cleaning epoxy grout off tile. Also, make sure to have good ventilation in your work area when using chemicals.

How to remove epoxy grout from tile: Step-by-step instructions

Once all your tools and supplies are handy, follow these steps to remove dried epoxy:

  1. Using a paint stirring stick or similar item, scrape away as much of the grout as you can.
  2. Next, try using a nylon scrubbing pad and some soapy water.
  3. Dry the area with a paper towel and inspect to check if any grout remains.
  4. If so, use the epoxy stripper. You’ll need to protect the surrounding grout with tape and plastic to avoid damaging or loosening up the grout joints.
  5. Apply the stripper with an old paintbrush. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions.
  6. After soaking the affected area for the recommended time, try using the scrubbing pad again.
  7. Repeat the process with more stripper if necessary.
  8. Once the epoxy grout remover has done its job, clean up with trisodium phosphate. This is a powerful, alkaline cleaning solution that will neutralize the stripper. Follow directions on the label for mixing and use.
  9. Finally, wash the area with soap and water.

Now that you have removed the epoxy from your tile and it’s nice and clean, you might find that some repairs or resealing need to be done. Check for any grout that may be missing. If so, use a small amount of the original grout to fill it in, being careful to remove it completely from the tile surface before it dries.

Also, check the corners, around fixtures and where the tile meets your bathtub. If you find areas that need to be resealed, now would be the perfect time. This is important to protect the walls and subfloor from water damage.

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