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Shine on: How to install ceiling lights

If you want to know how to install a ceiling light, how to hang a ceiling medallion, or how to install a chandelier, we have the instructions you need right here. Read on and get started today.

How to change a light fixture quickly and safely

Installing a new ceiling light is a quick upgrade, and it can also improve the appearance and quality of light in a room. Changing a light fixture is a relatively simple job. Take your time choosing a fixture that fits the room well and will install at the proper height so as not to interfere with the room. Here are a few guidelines and pointers to help you along.

  1. Always make sure the circuit breaker is off and that no electrical power is active.
  2. Remove the old fixture; clean and straighten the electrical wires if necessary.
  3. Attach the new mounting bracket (if one was provided with the fixture).
  4. Install the ceiling light: Some have a hook to hang the fixture temporarily while you connect the wires. Alternatively, have a friend hold the light while you make the connections. Attention: If you are in doubt concerning the correct wiring always consult an expert!
  5. Make sure the wires are connected properly (see the supplied directions) and fastened securely with wire nuts.
  6. Attach the new fixture to the electrical box and add the canopy or globe if one is provided.
  7. Turn the power back on.

Add some class: How to install a ceiling medallion

Hanging a ceiling medallion can really dress up the appearance of your light fixture. Most types come in one piece and must be added before the light fixture is installed (unless the fixture is very small). If you are changing a light fixture from an old to a new one, that’s the perfect time to consider adding a medallion.

There are two main types of ceiling medallions, plastic and ceramic. The ceramic medallions have a bit of weight to them and are usually attached to the ceiling with screws or anchors supplied by the manufacturer. If you want to install a plastic ceiling medallion, it will usually be glued in place or held by the fixture itself. In either case, carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Before installation, decide if you want to paint the ceiling medallion. Some are prefinished in white, but you can paint them to match a certain decor if you like. To paint a ceiling medallion, use a spray paint or brush it with primer and then follow up with a good-quality latex paint. If using spray paint, make sure to do so on a drop cloth or scrap cardboard and paint outside away from other objects.

Once the medallion is in place, caulk around the base with latex caulk and fill any other gaps or screw holes. Then use your paint to touch up any filled areas.

When using glue to attach the medallion, use an adhesive that is compatible with the type of plastic the medallion is made of. The directions will tell you exactly which glue is needed.

How to hang a chandelier for an elegant look

Chandeliers can look pretty extravagant, but hanging one is essentially the same as installing any other ceiling light fixture. Simply turn off the power, remove the old fixture, and install the chandelier. Above all the sparkling glass, you’ll find a set of standard electrical wires to be connected to the wires in the electrical box. You’ll likely want another pair of hands though, so recruit a friend for some help!

Supplies you’ll need to change a light fixture

Some things you’ll want to have ready when beginning any of the above projects include screwdrivers (regular and/or Phillips depending on your fixture), electrical tape, a pair of pliers (needle-nose will likely be best), and wire strippers. A good-quality latex caulk to fill any gaps is also useful.

Finally, have some Loctite Extreme Gel on hand to bond the ceiling medallion in place or to carry out any minor repairs that might occur during installation. This no-drip gel will bond to almost any material and will hold up to vibration, heat, and even moderate flexing. It’s strong enough to fill gaps and dries crystal clear for a professional look.