Be done with the damage!

How to hang pictures without nails or screws: 101

Learning how to hang pictures on the wall without nails will save you a lot of time and effort, and you won’t have to patch holes or touch up the paint later. Read on to find out how.

The best way to hang pictures without nails

If you like to decorate and make your house into a beautiful home, there’s no doubt you have some pictures or wall hangings in mind. The question is, how do you hang them? The traditional way of driving a nail or screw into the wall works, but it leaves damage and holes that you’ll need to fill if you ever move the picture. Drilling into brick or concrete leaves unsightly holes that are hard to patch.

There is a better way. You can hang pictures without nails without causing damage if you use the right kind of adhesive. No special equipment is necessary - just choose your location, apply a bit of the glue, and mount the picture. More details below.

Hanging pictures without nails on various types of walls

Hanging pictures without holes is a relatively simple process, though some steps differ a little depending on what kind of wall you’re working with. First thing’s first - once you’ve decided where you want to install the picture, make a mark on the wall where the frame will make contact with the wall. For small pictures, one spot in the centre should be enough. But if you want to hang heavy pictures without nails, you might need to mark out several spots.

Let’s talk about how to hang pictures on drywall without holes. Since drywall is a flat, smooth surface, it’s one of the easiest to work with. Another advantage to using adhesive on drywall is that you won’t have to locate the studs as you would if you were using a nail. Simply apply the glue, mount the picture, and hold it in place until the glue sets. You might want to use masking tape to hold the picture in place until the adhesive is fully dry.

This same method also works on wood panelling, concrete walls, and other flat surfaces.

Hanging pictures on brick walls without drilling is also possible. The method is the same as on drywall or wood walls, but with one exception. Since some brick walls are a little uneven, make sure you choose a location where the brick touches the back of the frame in several places. You’ll need enough contact points for the glue to hold up the picture. Otherwise, you can choose to hang pictures anywhere on the brick wall.

Before hanging your wall art, make sure the picture frame is sound, free of cracks, and not loose at any of the corners. If you need to make any repairs, you can use the same adhesive to shore it up as you will to hang the picture. How’s that for convenience?

Best adhesives to hang frames without holes

So, what is the best adhesive to hang picture frames without creating holes? We have two great recommendations.

Loctite Stik’N Seal is a great option. It’s an all-purpose adhesive that creates a powerful bond without the nasty fumes some types of glue emit. It dries crystal clear and bonds to wood, brick, cement, drywall, tile, and most plastics. It has a thick consistency, so it won’t run down the wall while you're hanging your pictures. It is a contact adhesive, so you will need to apply some glue to both surfaces and then wait five minutes before mounting the picture.

Another great adhesive is Loctite Kintsuglue. This is a flexible putty that will adhere to almost anything. Simply take it out of the packaging, knead it for about 10 seconds, and stick it to the wall. Then press the picture frame into the Kintsuglue and secure it until it is dry.