Metal to wood? You could!

How to glue metal to wood: A guide to attaching metal to wood 

Let us unlock the mystery of how to glue metal to wood. We’ll show you the best adhesives to use in various situations so you can get to work right away! 

Best glue to attach metal to wood: Construction adhesive or super glue?

Selecting the best glue to attach metal to wood depends on your project. For example, a good-quality construction adhesive will be the best choice for construction work and gluing large surface areas. This type of adhesive is typically available in large tubes and can be applied to framing and trim work quickly and efficiently. It will also stand up well to dampness, weather, and temperature changes.

On the other end of the spectrum, super glue is the answer for small jobs and repairs where precision is required. Super glue grabs quickly without clamping in most cases. One of super glue’s advantage is its ability to bond to porous materials like wood and non-porous metals. It’s perfect for gluing wood to metal, reattaching metal trim or ornaments, repairing splits or cracks, and fixing broken parts.

How to glue metal to wood: Other adhesives

Some situations require specialized adhesives. Epoxy, for instance, is a great choice when you need to span large gaps or if the adhesive will need to hold a screw. 

Whenever the items you are bonding will have to withstand a lot of vibration or extreme temperature changes, a flexible adhesive is in order. A rubber-infused glue will take vibration or expansion without cracking or failing. 

When doing a specialized job like metal roofing, panels, flashing, or flooring, always check to see if an adhesive is made specifically for that job. These are designed to handle any stress the materials will experience.

The best adhesives for metal to wood: Our top suggestions

Once you have considered your materials and what the object will be subjected to, you can choose your adhesive. Here are our top recommendations:

For quick repairs, nothing beats the convenience of Loctite Super Glue XXL. This versatile formulation bonds in seconds to wood, metal, plastics, leather, and more. It forms a transparent, ultra-strong bond for nearly invisible repairs and is resistant to water, impact, and extreme temperatures. 

Need a flexible adhesive for adhering metal to wood? Try Loctite Extreme Gel. It features a high viscosity and advanced resistance to vibration, impact, moisture, and extreme conditions thanks to its revolutionary Flextec formula. Loctite Extreme Gel seals and repairs nearly any surface.

If the rigid durability of epoxy is needed, we recommend Loctite Epoxy Metal/Concrete. It bonds firmly to wood, metal, stone, concrete, and many other common materials. Once mixed, it will form a high-strength bond in 5–12 minutes and can easily be sanded or machined once cured. Loctite Expoxy comes in a dual syringe for easy dispensing and won’t shrink or crack.