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Adhesive tape: The quick fix for many issues

There are many types of adhesive tape for a wide variety of applications. The article below will fill you in on what’s available and how to use some of the most common types.

What makes double-sided adhesive tape special?

There are many types of double-sided adhesive tape, but most have a few features in common. It is like conventional adhesive tape but both sides have an adhesive coating which, after being applied to two compatible surfaces, will maintain a hold after being pressed together. An extra lining to the tape usually needs to be peeled off once the tape is in the desired position.

Double-sided tape is generally very strong while also easy to use. It can be applied to a variety of tasks – such as hanging a picture or other decorative item, holding down a piece of carpet, re-sticking a loose tile or piece of trim, as well as various other tasks with less mess than a liquid adhesive.

How to apply double-sided adhesive tape

First determine how much self-adhesive tape will be required to hold up the object you are mounting. Typically, the roll will state how much weight a tape designed for vertical applications can hold. Opt for a heavy-duty double-sided tape when dealing with larger and heavier objects. Don’t be afraid to use multiple strips of tape when working with larger or heavier objects.

To use most double-sided tapes, follow these easy directions:

  1. Cut the tape to size for the intended purpose.
  2. Apply the tape in position as you would with any type of adhesive tape.
  3. Peel away the liner paper to expose the adhesive on the remaining side of the tape.
  4. Place the object in its intended position and press firmly, holding it in place for several seconds.

If you need to remove double-sided tape from the wall, here’s a handy tip: Heat the strip of tape with a hair dryer or heat gun for a few minutes to soften it up. Then gently scrape the tape away with a putty knife. If any residue remains, wipe the area with a soft cloth moistened with acetone (nail polish remover).

Alternative uses for double-sided adhesive tape

A quality double-sided tape can work outside as well. It can attach numbers to a home’s exterior, repair a mailbox, or even attach decorative trim to your car. Strong and waterproof, adhesive tape is the perfect solution for many odd jobs around the house.

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