Shoe glue for happy feet

Shoe repair 101: Finding the best glue for shoes

Don’t throw away that pair of shoes because of a little wear and tear. Get some shoe glue and fix them yourself. It’s a great way to earn some DIY points!

Basic shoe repairs with shoe glue

When you think about it, our footwear goes through a lot. With the constant flexing, as well as supporting our weight on all types of surfaces and in all kinds of weather, it’s no surprise that even well-made shoes suffer a little damage and need occasional repair. Next time your shoes experience some wear and tear, why not channel your inner DIYer and fix it yourself with some shoe glue?

There are several reasons your shoes might need a little TLC: the sole might begin to peel away, a tear might have formed in the fabric, vinyl or leather, or a seam has frayed and come loose. Fortunately, a good shoe adhesive is an easy fix.

Seams and tears are pretty straight forward to repair. After cleaning the area you want to glue, remove any dirt or grease, apply a small amount of shoe glue to the torn area and join them together. Hold the repair still for a few minutes until the glue begins to set. Allow it to fully dry before wearing the shoes.

How to use shoe glue for soles

One of the most common repairs on a shoe is the re-gluing of a sole after it begins to come loose. Fortunately, this is easily fixed.

  1. Clean away any dirt, grease, or glue residue.
  2. Apply some of the adhesive onto the top of the sole and then press it back into place.
  3. Tape the sole in place and allow it to fully dry before removing the tape and walking on it.

Be proactive: Don’t wait for the tears and separations to happen. Sometimes you’ll see a gap starting to form as one part of the shoe is just beginning to loosen up. Fill that gap with shoe repair glue and clamp or tape it back to its original position. This will save you the hassle of a bigger repair later!

Best shoe glue for leather shoes    

Since leather is very porous, you’ll need a special shoe adhesive that’s right for the job. This glue will need to be very flexible (specially designed for bonding fabrics), as well as being water and weatherproof.

The same goes for cloth, vinyl, and imitation leather shoes as well.

Our recommendation for most shoe repairs is Loctite Vinyl, Fabric & Plastic Flexible Adhesive. This clear liquid is formulated specially for mending vinyl seats, cushions, flexible plastics, and you guessed it - shoes. It dries clear and it won’t yellow or get brittle with age, so your repairs will be nearly invisible and long-lasting. It’s waterproof and will also hold up to the constant flexing of walking, so you won’t have to worry about that occasional puddle!