Porcelain perfection

Porcelain glue: Use a specialty adhesive for flawless repairs

Try porcelain glue to repair delicate items made from fine ceramic. Ordinary glues can’t compare – so get the facts for a successful job.

Why use porcelain glue?

Glue is glue, right? Well, not necessarily. There are many types of adhesives on the market because they differ in their qualities and applications. So, while a general-use glue might work adequately for repairing porcelain, you’ll get better results using an adhesive designed for porcelain and other ceramic items.

The best glue for porcelain will form a strong, inflexible bond to both porous and non-porous surfaces. Since unglazed porcelain is a porous ceramic, but the hardened surface of glazed porcelain is non-porous, this is important.

Also, you’ll need a porcelain adhesive that is food safe and dishwasher safe if repairing a plate or cup. Consider the temperature ranges the item will be subjected to and find a glue that will hold up.

Porcelain glue is usually either an adhesive or an epoxy. Epoxies are two-part formulas that start to set once mixed. The resulting bond is rigid, durable, and can span larger gaps than most single-part glues.

How to use porcelain adhesive

Using porcelain glue is easy and very similar to using other types of adhesives: 

  1. Gather your materials and the object needing repair and place them on a clean work surface. Wear gloves and safety glasses and ensure there is adequate ventilation.
  2. Match the pieces to make sure you have a tight fit.
  3. Apply a small amount of porcelain glue to both surfaces (unless directed otherwise).
  4. Press the parts together and hold them in place while the glue sets or use tape or bracing to keep the pieces in position.
  5. Wipe away any excess adhesive immediately using a cloth dampened with acetone.

If you find some unwanted adhesive after it has cured, use a razor blade or sharp knife to cut it away. Don’t use sandpaper which will scratch finished surfaces. 

The best glues for porcelain repair—our recommendations

So what is the best glue to use on porcelain? Here are two great options for every DIYer!

Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix 1 Minute is perfect for minor repairs for several reasons. First, this two-part epoxy can be applied directly to the broken item thanks to the self-mixing nozzle. Also, it sets fast, beginning in one minute, and can be handled in 5 to 10 minutes. This means less bracing or taping items in place while they dry. Finally, the epoxy bonds to a wide variety of materials, including ceramics, china, and porcelain. It can even be tinted if necessary for colour matching.

Another option is Loctite Stik’N Seal Indoor Adhesive. This will also bond to virtually any surface and works perfectly on fine ceramics. It won’t run due to its thick consistency, and dries clear, so cracks and most repairs will be almost invisible. You’ll also love that it is solvent-free and non-toxic, so you won’t have to deal with strong fumes