Repair tears with fabric glue

Fabric glue: Your answer to torn materials like cloth and vinyl

Every DIYer should have some fabric glue in their toolkit. It’s super versatile and bonds and holds when other adhesives get brittle and break. Get all the details below.

Fabric adhesive: What makes it different?

Fabric glue is a clear liquid adhesive designed to be used on cloth, vinyl, and various other materials. It stays flexible and is ideal for repairing damaged items without using a needle and thread or tape. The best fabric adhesives are almost invisible when dry. This makes repairing sofa cushions, car seats, umbrellas, and even clothing quick and easy.

Fabric glue spray for crafts

Feeling crafty? You can also use fabric glue for all your arts and crafts projects. Fabric glue spray is a great way to attach felt, silk, or related fabric materials to posters, boards or other hard objects – simply spray the back of the item and put it into position to dry. Also commonly available is the fabric glue stick – just rub the contact adhesive on the area to be glued, then position and let dry.

Fabric glue for clothes

It might sound unusual at first, but you can make repairs on torn or damaged clothing with fabric glue for clothes. Many minor rips and tears can be easily fixed without sewing. Jeans, for example, are made from tough material, but they’re prone to tears at the knees, pockets and belt loops. Use fabric glue for jeans to fix them up. For longer tears, gluing another piece of fabric to the inside of the tear reinforces and strengthen the repair. You can even try fabric glue for hemming pants - it’s much faster than sitting down at the sewing machine!

Got some glue where it shouldn’t be? Try Loctite Glue Remover. Its powerful gel formula loosens glue from badly bonded items, removes most stains, and even separates accidentally bonded fingers! It works great if you’re patching fabric and find it isn’t aligned quite right. Simply loosen it up and try again.

What’s the best fabric glue?

There may be several brands at your local store, but it’s best to go with a brand name fabric glue from a company you trust. We recommend Loctite Vinyl, Fabric, & Plastic Flexible Adhesive, which is perfect for most repairs. The clear liquid adhesive works great on vinyl seats, tarps, and outdoor gear as well as fabrics, leather, and rubber. It’s flexible, dries clear and won’t yellow, so your repairs will be almost invisible. Use it to fix a beach ball, inflatable mattress, or even a raincoat! 

Remember - cheaper brands may get brittle or lose their bond over time. Always trust the best.