About Loctite

Did you know?
Loctite is proud to have served the aerospace industry for over 40 years.

Did you know about Loctite and airplanes?

From commercial airlines to space shuttles, Loctite’s adhesives are industry leaders in aerospace manufacturing. These toughened, engineering glues are used to join vital parts of the aircraft together such as engine components, wing flaps, landing gear doors and internal fittings.

Loctite is trusted to provide secure and impact resistant bonding in an industry where there can be no margin for error. Metal, plastic, wood, glass and rubber are attached with exceptional strength, providing resistance to corrosion, chemicals, thermal shock and extreme temperatures.

Loctite demonstrates its bonding strength under extreme conditions.

Did you know about Loctite and snowboarding?

Snowboarding enthusiasts and athletes favour Loctite to keep their bindings tight and prevent injury. Loctite's reliable performance on the slopes withstands excessive temperatures, vibration and moisture. It is the product of choice for professional snowboarders and skiers, making sure their equipment is in winning condition.

At the Winter X games in 2012 professional snowboarders Mike Schultz, Nick Baumgartner and Sage Kotsenburg were represented by Team Loctite, successfully finishing with 2 silver medals. All three snowboarders relied on Loctite to keep their bindings securely in place.

Loctite innovation is vital to Porsche's success on the racetrack.

Did you know about Loctite and Porsche?

Porsche is renowned for efficient and meticulous standards of quality and safety in its vehicle design. The lightweight design and structure of the new Porsche racing cars was made from aluminum and composites too delicate to be welded together.

Loctite's reliability and capacity to endure extreme conditions makes it a winning partnership, with Porsche and Loctite engineers working side by side to construct and manufacture top performing vehicles.

Porsche trusts in Loctite to provide the latest in adhesive technology. Parts are joined using Loctite's threadlocking, gasketing and sealing methods, achieving high-strength bonds that can withstand severe conditions.

The dynamic Loctite and Porsche team has consistantly won major races all over the world.

Loctite's groundbreaking precision liquid adhesives improve consumers' experiences.

Did you know about Loctite and touch screens?

Loctite plays a crucial role in the development and production of touch screen panel technology in popular electronic equipment. Liquid clear adhesive is used in the manufacture of smart phones and tablets. It provides an effective and advanced alternative to previous adhesives that were longer drying and could give a yellow tint to the screens.

Loctite is used to bond the main display and the protective cover or lens to the touch panel. With pin-point precision, it joins the surfaces together, eliminating any air gaps. It includes an anti-reflective, anti-smudge and anti-glare coating to improve the consumer's all important viewing experience. As visibility is so much better, the need for backlighting diminishes and the battery life is extended. Loctite has a long-lasting durability and scratch-resistant formula that can withstand higher temperatures and condensation.