How to repair a wooden train

How to repair a wooden train?

If you are looking for a quick way to fix your child's favourite wooden toy, Loctite Super Glue Power Easy is a reliable and versatile solution. Its unique formula allows extra time for the repositioning and precise alignment of surfaces, and is also designed to reduce the risk of accidental finger bonding. After giving you extra time for the placement of the parts, the powerful non-drip gel is also formulated to dry transparent leaving no unsightly white glue marks or stains, while the high strength formula provides a long lasting durability that can withstand continuous use. 

Follow our step by step application guide:

Ensure the surfaces to be joined are clean, completely dry and close fitting.
  2. Carefully squeeze an even amount of Super Glue Power Easy onto one of the surfaces to be fixed. Press both parts back together firmly. Super Glue Power Easy now allows you the time to reposition the parts for a more accurate alignment if necessary.
  3. Hold until set without moving. Don't worry if there is some excess glue at this point, this can be easily removed once dry (see point 5).
  4. Allow at least 1-2 hours to set. For best results leave overnight before using.Once dry, if there is any excess residue, gently scrape off with a sharp knife, wipe with a tissue dipped in Loctite Glue Remover or with nail varnish remover containing acetone.
  5. Replace the cap immediately and store the glue upright in a cool dry place.

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