Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty - Removable & Non-toxic Repositionable Adhesive

Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty is a reusable, repositionable adhesive that is a convenient alternative for tape, tacks, staples and magnets in the home, school and office. No more holes in walls or chipped, peeled paint. Ideal for hanging any lightweight item to a smooth or hard surface. Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty repositionable adhesive is unaffected by moisture and will not dry out. For interior use only.

Key Facts

Recommended on

  • Sticking memos to the phone
  • Repositionable bonding of items to most smooth surfaces, including blackboards, wood, plaster, brick, glass, tile metal, Formica, porcelain, linoleum & concrete
  • Stopping vibrations of rattling windows, securing candlesticks, paper tablecloths, shelf paper & drawer linings, securing desk blotters & accessories
  • Hanging children's artwork on the refrigerator
  • Sticking recipes, party decorations & greeting cards to the wall


  • Non-toxic: Safe for children
  • Re-usable: Removable 
  • Excellent for temporary mounting
  • Eliminates placing holes in walls
  • Will not dry out: Long-lasting

Step by step


Step 1: Preparation

Surfaces must be clean and dry.

Step 2: Application

Tear off enough Loctite® Mounting Putty repositionable adhesive for the job, and knead the putty into a soft ball. Place small amount of repositionable adhesive between the surfaces to be fastened & press. May leave oily stain on some papers & flat painted surfaces. Test in an inconspicuous area for 24 hours if uncertain. To remove gently peel away items from mounting surface.

Step 3: Cleanup

To remove any excess repositionable adhesive putty residue, roll additional mounting putty over the surface to pick up any remaining particles. Dry cleaning fluid may assist removal of oily stains.